Exhibition Kurimanzutto

Exhibition Kurimanzutto

Mexico City - Mexico
LAGO is a project that emerged from the pandemic crisis; from the need to reimagine the current situation and rethink our relationship with public space and the Chapultepec Forest, as well as to rethink our consumption models and our relationship with nature.

From the roots of change generated by this crisis, the opportunity arose to recover and resignify an emblematic building in Mexico City and give it a new purpose, one that includes transforming the private into the public, the exclusive into the inclusive, the social into the cultural. Peeling back the layers of memory and returning the present to its origins in order to rediscover an icon of modern architecture from the 60’s.

The building, conceived from its inception and to date as a concessioned public-private partnership, was signed in 1964 by the then City Works manager for Mexico City, Leónides Guadarrama, and designed by architect Alfonso Ramírez Ponce when he was just 24 years old, who —following the trend of Modernist innovation of architects such as Mies van de Rohe and Félix Candela (UNAM professor in Ramírez Ponce’s fourth-semester of Structures)— projected the building under the form of an immense asymmetric hyperbolic paraboloid concrete ceiling.

LAGO/ALGO is an autonomous and independent project, conceived as a platform to get closer to the green lungs of the city, a place of encounters with nature, with the history of modern architecture, with the arts and culture, with sustainable cuisine made from the local ingredients and flavors sourced from our waters and our lands.

Mexico Mexico City
Date 12 August 2022 - 31 December 2022
Location gob. rafael rebollar 94
col. san Miguel chapultepec 11850, mexico city
tel. +52 55 52 56 24 08

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